The life & work of printmaker Sabra Field

Sabra - a documentary film about the life and work of printmaker Sabra Field.


Praise for Artist Sabra Field

“While other artists will paint something that looks like Vermont, she uses the simplest form, and it speaks to people. I think that’s what they want.”

            Mary Nowlan, Editor-in-Chief, Vermont Life Magazine

“She portrays Vermont with an elegance as timeless as the landscape.”

            -Madeleine Kunin, Vermont Governor 1985-1991

“A Vermont legend.”

-Scott Franzen, Owner, The Woodstock Gallery

“The Artist Laureate of Vermont.”

            -Robert McGrath, Professor Emeritus, Art History, Dartmouth College

“She has touched more lives than any Vermont artist in history.”

            -Howard Dean, Vermont Governor 1991-2003 

“Color and nuance radiate throughout her work.”

            -James Wright, former President of Dartmouth College 1998

“Her ability to abstract elements out of the landscape and simplify is instinctive, unique, masterful.”

        -Richard Saunders, Director, Middlebury College Museum of Art   

"She's the most popular artist in Vermont, because her art so vividly portrays the idealized version of the state that its residents cherish."

        -Tom Slayton, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Vermont Life Magazine

“Sabra’s become the Grant Wood of Vermont.”

         -Marie Weaver, artist/former assistant

Praise for the Sabra Documentary

“The documentary introduces the most intelligent argument for Field's asceticism: by pursuing a deceptively complex, stripped down approach, she has transported Japanese artistic spareness to a western milieu… A tendency beautifully elicited onscreen by documentarian Bill Phillips. This is the perfect cinematic valentine to Sabra’s work.”

-Nathan Southern, Guide Online

“When the film premiered, it received a much-deserved standing ovation. It’s a profound and incisive work – a great work that deserves a place among the most acclaimed documentary portraits of artists.”

-Charlie Rattigan, Director of the Vermont Institute of Natural Science

"Sabra describes her goal as 'trying to be a haiku poet.' Director Bill Phillips achieves the cinematic equivalent."

 - David Corriveau, The Valley News

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